venerdì 20 novembre 2020

da Red Naima


Dear Ones,
How are you spending this fall?

These days are you into learning new things? Or would you rather expand the trails of the old ones to lead to something new, deeper, unexpected, even in the familiar?
For me, the urge of learning is perhaps as response to the huge window of quiet time that is opening. And for a practitioner of any art, this is precious time. A time where you are free of analysis paralysis – that’s when you have too many possibilities and limited time – it’s something to treasure.
So, after a beautiful, exciting month in Rome, it seem that with the new restrictions I’ll be spending the next couple of months in Sorrento again. Time expands in my hometown as I’m able to stick to routines much more easily. 
 So what’s new? In the graphic novel realm, I’m working – at a rather slow pace for the moment – to “The Mighty Hour”, the third chapter of “Desire for Victory” (Vince Chi Dimentica), where the main theme is the conception of the female athlete in fascist-time Italy. (Updates on my Instagram).
I have also started interviewing my favourite authors to learn about how their best work, and I have started with one of my absolute fav Andrea Serio. You can find the interview on my blog (in Italian).
I’m also very much into martial arts lately, though far from my beloved dojo. I’m deepening my knowledge of bojutsu – namely the staff, and learning some fun freestyle tricks. I have been also deeply enthused my the series “Cobra Kai” (come on, who hasn’t been!?) and planning to start my own open-space dojo in Sorrento… something that by the way was already conjured up in my comic book “Fronn ‘e Limon – Mistral”
There are so many more juicy things I’d love to share, but I’ll keep it short and sweet for now. I’ll probably make a post about it on my blog… in any case, I’ll keep you posted!
And now for the short story below… though this November seems to be a sunny one in Southern Italy, this Fronn ‘e Limon story got all the Autumn feels. It’s exploring a concept that goes with all seasons, that on Ahimsa, non-violence.
I wanted the story to be short like a haiku. Here you have it:

One final question for you.
Some subscribers told me that they would rather read access these short Fronn stories through a link in the newsletter that links up to the blog, rather than to have the full story in the email.
What’s your favourite format? If you have some time, please let me know!
I’d love to hear from you
Red Naima

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