sabato 1 maggio 2021

RED NAIMA: il nuovo fumetto ; The baby is born (…but it’s made of paper!)


Dear friends,
I’m so glad to finally reconnect with you after those first months of 2021 where I have been almost completely silent!
Truth to be told, I have been deeply steeped into the drawing-watercolouring-inking part of my newest work, called “The Mighty Hour” (La Grandezza dell’Ora). I’d say (like all writers) that this work is my baby… but as Elizabeth Gilbert said letting her own tomes fall on the ground: “It’s also REALLY NOT because you won’t do this to a real baby!” (Sorry, for some reason I find it hilarious as an image!)

And so, now that the hands-on part is finished, and I can contemplate 77 finished pages with tender love. It felt really great to finish the last few pages in conjunction to my return in my beloved home in Rome.

I’m so proud of the work, which is at once my own story, the story of my family, Italian history and perhaps your story too. There is definitely progress in terms of style, and I feel stronger of the resilience and determination that took to show up daily and work on it, one page at the time… I hope you will like the result!
Here is a little preview of a few pages, to give you an idea of what’s coming:

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